10 Steps to Create Your Own Podcast

Despite being a relatively new medium, podcasts have already seen significant growth. Steve Jobs demonstrated how to make a podcast in 2006. Apple recently announced it had reached one million subscribers on its iTunes platform. The podcast phenomenon gained momentum in 2013 when This American Life produced a series called Serial that captured the attention of millions of listeners. The podcast became the fastest to reach five million downloadeds. This resulted in an increase in podcast listeners. For those who have any questions regarding where in addition to how to employ Society Podcast, you are able to contact us at our internet site.

While many people associate the podcast world with Big Name Media, the reality is that any individual can produce a podcast. This medium evolved from the need to provide background content. It is now a viable method to provide information, entertainment, education, and advice to people on-the-go. Podcasts are audio-only and can be used anywhere. Podcasts are like a group of people with a common interest. There are millions upon millions of podcasts available, so there is plenty to choose.

You can subscribe to podcasts through many websites and apps. Apple’s iTunes Service is free to use. Google Podcasts provides a free app. Stitcher is Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Spotify are all popular platforms. Subscribing to one of these services will allow you to have an ad-free show. A podcast that is successful has reached the iTunes Top 100 charts and has demonstrated its listeners’ love click for more audio content.

What is a podcast? Podcasts are audio files that can be downloaded over the internet. Podcasts are typically pre-recorded, edited and released to the general public. Think of them as radio for the 21st century. Podcasts can include anything, from audio dramas to talk shows to language lessons to deep dives. Many podcasts offer video episodes along with their audio episodes. The possibilities are endless. You can even make your own podcast!

While podcasts have a higher barrier to entry than blog posts, producing them is much easier. With the right outsourcing, podcast production is much easier than ever. Below are 10 steps to make your podcast ready for distribution. High quality recording equipment and software should be purchased. A show description should be written and SEO keywords included. Creating an attractive cover art for your podcast can be a simple task or you can even hire a graphic designer.

Podcasts also offer the convenience of listening on-the-go. You can download or schedule podcasts for later listening. Just like a television show, podcasts can be downloaded onto your computer and played later. Depending on your needs, you can listen to podcasts on your computer, portable digital media player, or phone. Podcasts are an excellent form of radio and can be listened to on any device. Podcasts are a great medium for commuters who listen to them on the train.

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