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MSCI Barra and Morningstar have inserted into an agreement to compute and distribute hedge account indices jointly. “We are delighted to be working with Morningstar, and believe that this exciting development will benefit all users of our hedge fund indices greatly. Going forward they will have access to improved hedge fund indices from Morningstar based upon MSCI Barra’s methodology put on one of the largest hedge fund databases,” said David Brierwood, Chief Operating Officer, MSCI Barra.

These indices and the Morningstar data source will replace the existing MSCI Hedge Fund Indices and Database after a short changeover period. MSCI Barra will continue to calculate and disburse the MSCI Investable Hedge Fund Indices and the Barra Hedge Fund Risk Model. Morningstar shall continue steadily to estimate and spread its existing Morningstar Hedge Finance Indices, including the Morningstar 1000 Hedge Fund Index.

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The MSCI Hedge Fund Index Methodology uses main and supplementary hedge finance characteristics to develop the indices based on investment process, asset course, geography, and Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) sectors. This granularity is unique among hedge account indices and allows investors to benchmark precise investment opportunities. Morningstar collects 300 data points from 8,500 hedge funds and money of hedge money for its data source including information about stock portfolio holdings, strategy allocation and hedging techniques. MSCI Barra is headquartered in NY, with research and commercial offices around the global world. Morgan Stanley, a global financial services firm, is the controlling shareholder of MSCI Barra.

Finally, this website is very much indeed intended as an individual record of my trading journey and should not be regarded as financial advice. Please, do your own research into any part of investing you might find of interest. If you’re unsure about any facet of investing, you should consult a qualified financial adviser suitably.

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Take Social Security benefits before GOP slashes? Is it wise to wait for Social Security benefits? The fact that GOP is talking about cutting our future benefits Now, we have to reconsider when to start getting our cash back. House agrees to stop illegal insider trading-sort of. 60 minutes caught House head Pelosi without answers on her behalf ‘illegal’ investments. House’s Cantor exempts those who sell “intelligence” to Wall Street. Allows “corruption” to keep, relating to GOP Grassley. Questions for your HR 401k Plan administrators/investment guides.

Forbes just layed out the types of questions to enquire about your 401k to be able to make decisions about your very best investment choices. Unbiased advisors say that cost is the best predictor of shared fund returns. Why is no Vanguard index option there? Progressive announced today an application for the iPhone that was created to radically change the automobile insurance buyer’s experience. Positioned for the direct-to-consumer space, Progressive’s mobile application uses image-catch technology designed to provide an accurate automobile insurance rate that is customized to the user, and upon acceptance, to really bind (warranty immediate) coverage.

“We can’t get a shortcut around the info we need, and we need lots of pieces of data, so keying for the reason that data can be challenging at best. What’s unique in regards to a mobile device is that it’s faster and more convenient-so we are taking the next step.” Progressive shall be the first company to use image catch in this manner, Lehman says.

Uncle Sam desires to increase the transparency of 401(k) fees and broaden the option of retirement plan payout options to encourage the utilization of annuities to provide lifetime income. Uncle Sam is offering a windfall to the financial services industry by making annuities available inside our employer’s retirement plans. It will be simpler to buy an annuity with our 401k money whenever we leave our job.