How To Remotely Install Microsoft Store Apps To Your Windows 10 PC

How To Remotely Install Microsoft Store Apps To Your Windows 10 PC 1

Although you can gain access to the Microsoft Store on the web, it used to be you could only install applications through the Microsoft Store application on your computer. To greatly help streamline the installation process, Microsoft is adding a fresh option to its web version of the Microsoft Store to remotely install applications on your devices, even if you’re not before them.

Similar to iOS and Android, you can deploy Windows 10 applications remotely to your devices as long as they’re linked with the same Microsoft accounts. In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to remote install a Microsoft Store application to one or multiple devices. If you’re planning to install the same software on all of your devices, of using the Microsoft Store application on every computer instead, the web can be used by your version of the Store to remote install the app on all devices.

1. Open the Microsoft Store website on your web browser. 2. Seek out the app you want to install. 3. Click on the menu (•••) button (at the right of the “Install/Open” button), and choose the Install on my devices option. 4. Select the devices you want to automatically install the app.

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  • Click Ok, Apply Configuration

5. Click on the Install button now. 6. Click the OK button. Once you have completed the steps, after a few moments, the application will start installing automatically on the device you selected. Microsoft continues to be testing this feature, and while this method should work across modern web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, if you don’t see the option, you might like to try a different web browser. For instance, in my case, this feature only works when working with Chrome. What do you consider about remote application installs on Windows 10? Reveal in the feedback. We might earn a commission for buys using our links.

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