Talk With A Cat Cracker

Talk With A Cat Cracker 1

Vipul Goel, IIM Lucknow (2009), IITD (2005), discusses with a respected website about his mba planning journey and making it to best mba college in India. 1. Tell us something about yourself. I am a Delhi guy since the start. I have done my engineering from IIT Delhi. Worked in a MNC for just two years and then proceeded to go for higher studies at IIM Lucknow. At the moment I am employed in another MNC. 2. Why did you select IIM MBA Lucknow? The explanation for choosing IIM MBA Lucknow was it being one of the premiere institute for pursuing MBA in India.

The broader perspective to the business world and the chance to pursue studies relating to your alternatives and passions were some of the factors that supported the fact. 3. Reveal something about the entire life in IIML? IIM Lucknow is a location where you get to be able to meet people via all walks of life. A fresher coming out of a small college in India as well as people who finished up as as COO of some top companies (after graduation), people who have written books, people who have worked in army. Ofcourse physical diversity of the place can be skipped never. All this can provide a different aspect to one’s outlook in the full life.

Other than that almost all batchmates were super-enthusiastic people who take interest and satisfaction in their work. The grade of the groups where I’ve worked well throughout the period was amazing. Before MBA I had been someone who wasn’t confident in interacting with people with various walks of life, which I felt is a hindrance in reaching the top.

Presently I love getting together with all of which I believe. This is actually the biggest change in me. The life of MBA isn’t over without talking about the number of night clubs, committees, and competitions which help one in fulfilling their interests in academic interests as well as in fine arts. 4. What made you leave your well-settled job and get a regular MBA?

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Leaving a well-settled job and a high-paying job is never an easy decision. One needs to make certain that they want to go for it absolutely. 5. How did you study for my entry exam? I never analyzed for CAT. That was the only exam I appeared for. I simply held my cool on your day and cracked the same.

6. What was your technique for GD/PI? For GD, I only spoke my factors which I sensed relevant. I usually avoided getting into a seafood market. The idea is to make your points early to provide structure to a presentation or give a new direction if no new points are coming up. Please, don’t make an effort to be a leader of the group as usually most of the contemporaries are aggressive enough themselves that strategy can backfire. In PI, be yourself. Don’t make an effort to fake your reasons for doing MBA or your achievements. Confidence is a as you never know must, what question can come up next. I’ve seen interviews moving in a completely different direction than expected.