What Is Bare Minerals Makeup?

What Is Bare Minerals Makeup? 1

Bare Minerals makeup is a type of mineral-based makeup that was developed by the cosmetic company Bare Escentuals. Bare Escentuals opened its first store in California in 1976. The business focused on promoting healthy makeup products and skin care. One of Bare Escentuals’ cornerstone products was its mineral foundation, which is buffed on your skin with a brush and feels as though foundation cream.

In 1994, Bare Escentuals gained a fresh CEO, Leslie Blodgett, who made a decision to launch a whole new makeup series made from nutrients. The mineral basis was launched with other mineral-based products under the name of bare Minerals again. Bare Minerals makeup line also includes eye shadows, blushes, lip colors, lip liners, mascara, lip glosses, and developed skin preps.

Bare Minerals mineral foundation has already established success being advertised as a totally natural and preservative-free foundation. The building blocks doesn’t contain talc, fragrance, and oils, making it attractive to those with sensitive skin. The exact minerals and amounts used in the makeup is a proprietary blend, however, some of the main elements are titanium dioxide, mica, bismuth oxychloride, and zinc oxide. Each of these minerals plays a particular part in mineral makeup products such as bare makeup.

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