What MIGHT LEAD TO Elevated Liver Enzymes In An Otherwise Healthy 21 ..

What MIGHT LEAD TO Elevated Liver Enzymes In An Otherwise Healthy 21 .. 1

Yesterday I had been planned for a colonoscopy to find the cause of my chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight reduction, etc. The doctor ended up doing a gastroscopy as well. I don’t know anything else – he took at least 4 biopsies as well and I am waiting for those to come back before I go see him again. Does this indicate that I’ve liver damage? I do NOT drink alcohol and I really do not take any medications (not even Tylenol). I am young, very thin, and generally healthy.

You could ask your son or daughter what is important to respect and help him make a brief list (3-5) to keep posted in his room. You show your child respect by respecting him as an individual, a separate human being. It is often helpful to remember that values and respect are most easily trained and successfully used by utilizing the “mirror” method.

Of course, the list could go on and on, but the true point is clear. Respect is something that is taught and valued. Early childhood is the best time to instruct and help a kid form a value system, respecting himself and more. If civilization is to survive, we should cultivate the science of human interactions- the power of most people, of most types, to live collectively, in the same world at peacefulness.

The moral decline of the family device is evident. That is apparent in the increasing hostility of society. It is essential that we teach our children worthwhile beliefs that can reveal what’s good and kind and ethical inside our own lives and in our world. Hopefully these beliefs can be embraced and become a right part of their overall behavior and constitution. I believe we have to refocus on what’s important within our own family units and teach our children a sense of moral values.

They will be our future generation. Believe nothing merely because you have been informed it. MANY THANKS for Reading and Please Feel Absolve to Leave a Comment. Submit a Comment You Must REGISTER To CommentTo touch upon this short article, you must sign in or sign up and post utilizing a HubPages Network account.

Hi, Rebekah. I especially liked the thought of getting the child chose what is important to him and narrowing it right down to a little list so that he/she can be his/her own person. Thanks because of this great reminder. Your article is very impressive and interesting. Thanks and I pray God will increase your knowledge. Values are so important in understanding how to be empathetic people.

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Thanks for writing your expletives around! I agree, the best thing parents can do is to model the behavior and the values they want their children to learn. I’ve run into people who speak nastily to others when their children can be found, and it bothers me that they are demonstrating for his or her kids how not to act.

The best way for parents showing kids how to take care of others with respect is to speak respectfully to them and to other adults: spouses, educators, instructors, cashiers, etc. Very nice hub! Thanks all for the comments. L.I.N.C., I love the way you explain the connection. Without the transmission, values are lost. We give attention and time to that which we value and respect. Parents can help by being more mindful and aware while present using their children. It is all about relationship, yes. Thanks a lot for reading and taking the right time to comment.