Have You Taken On New Commitments?

Have You Taken On New Commitments? 1

A little over a year ago I published a post asking, “So, All Day WHAT NOW ??” It produced enough comments to maintain the very best 10 most responded to posts of the satisfying retirement blog.I believe there is a natural fascination with how others spend their time.

Especially if you are retired or to it close, there is a real concern about how exactly all that leisure time is going to be filled when a work no more manages 8 hours each day. As a person who writes a complete lot about the need for change in our lives, I decided to compare what I had written 13 a few months back to how I spend my time today.

I would be prepared to notice some distinctions but I’m uncertain what I’ll find. That’s what makes it interesting. I start with breakfast and then a quick read of two newspapers. I used to invest a full hour reading the papers but realized mornings is my peak productive time. Now, I check out the papers and am at the computer by 7:00 AM.

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OK, I’m off to a good start. I don’t read newspapers anymore. That isn’t quite true. A year 50. We utilize them for the grocery and coupons advertisements. But, Day with two I no more start my, or even one newspaper most days. Do these are missed by me? Absolutely not. The news was stale by the time it got on my porch.

The advertising content was much more than the editorial content. The elements were a joke. Day forecast How someone can be so incorrect with a 7, day every single, is beyond me. The local information section was obituaries mostly. No, I don’t skip the ritual of the morning paper. That part of my pension lifestyle has transformed once and for all. From then until lunchtime I write, work on this website, read other blogs, deal with e-mail, maintain my Twitter presence, and run any essential errands.

This is essentially the same for some days of the week. I spent with the newspapers is now spent with a laptop. After an instant check of the news headlines and stocks, I begin to go right through e-mails. Several will be the Groupon-type offers. Others are feedback for the blog, requests to review a reserve, and, normally, 5 new Twitter followers.

I must acknowledge I am spending less time reading other blogs because this blog and writing my next publication are taking on more time. Two mornings are bought out by out-of-the-house activities now. On Mondays I volunteer at the prison ministry office for 4 hours. Wednesday morning begins with a Bible study at a friend’s home with 8 other people.

These commitments were not on my timetable a year ago. After lunch time is a 30-minute nap. That brief break helps me maintain my energy for all of those other afternoon. Following the nap, 3 or 4 days a week I go directly to the gym. Just like a nap, this is important to me. It helps me maintain my weight, provides me more energy, and helps maintain my knees, hips, and back from leading to me problems.