I’VE A 3-year-old American Beauty Bush THAT’S Doing..

I'VE A 3-year-old American Beauty Bush THAT'S Doing.. 1

I have a 3-year-old American Beauty bush that does well, but will not bloom. Hello, Kathy: American Beautyberry (Callicarpa Americana) is a good understory shrub. It has an open growth habit with purple berries adding wonderful fall interest to your garden. There are a few reasons why your shrub may not be flowering/fruiting. This shrub requires full sun to light shade in order to bloom. If your seed is not getting adequate sunlight this can cause it never to bloom. Preferably the very least should be got by this native of six hours of direct sunlight.

Callicarpa blooms on new growth, meaning you won’t produce flowers on prior years’ growth. If you have not pruned your shrub I’d suspect this is why you have not seen any flowers or fruit. Beautyberry should be pruned annually while it is dormant through the late winter or planting season.

It is quite forgiving so later this winter go on and cut it back again to around a feet. To promote healthy growth prune out one-quarter to one-third of the oldest stems every year. This will rejuvenate your shrub, and as long as it is getting enough sunlight it will bloom for you next summer and you will be able to enjoy the fruit next fall. It appears like your shrub is healthy and Beautyberry doesn’t have many insect or disease problems, so I would believe that your shrub might need to be pruned or perhaps relocated to a sunnier location.

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