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Behind the scenes is an unfamiliar or phantom business model that is simply there by default through competitive stresses, exterior environment, and by business Darwinism. Take insurance for example most insurers tell us and believe that customer support is a better driver with their business and especially in promises.

In reality although market drivers is that they make their money from the ones that do not state and claims are actually rare in terms of customer contact, well that is how insurance works – could it be not. People buy on price and the guarantee of a good promises service is difficult to justify and sell when people are comparing insurance premiums therefore the drivers are reduced costs not the higher costs of a promises excellent service. So, will the unspoken or natural selection centered business model actually overwrite the explicit business model in the longer term? It really is like defying gravity – an unresisting push almost.

For costs to be allowable, the nonprofit business incurred the interest costs after September 29, 1995, in connection with acquisitions of capital possessions that occurred after that date. 78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 80 FR 54409, Sept. The expense of certain influencing activities associated with obtaining grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, or loans is an unallowable cost. Lobbying with respect to certain grants, agreements, cooperative contracts, and loans is governed by relevant statutes, including among others, the procedures of 31 U.S.C. The non-Federal entity must post as part of its annual indirect (F&A) cost rate proposal a qualification that certain requirements and standards of this section have been complied with.

Time logs, calendars, or similar information are not necessary to be created for purposes of complying with the record keeping requirements in §200. The Federal awarding company must establish techniques for resolving in advance, in discussion with OMB, any significant disagreements or questions regarding the interpretation or application of this section.

§200.451 Losses on other honors or contracts. Any more than costs over income under every other award or contract of any nature is unallowable. This consists of but is not limited by, the non-Federal entity’s contributed portion by reason of cost-sharing agreements or any under-recoveries through negotiation of flat amounts for indirect (F&A) costs. Also, any more than costs over certified funding levels transferred from any honor or contract to another award or agreement is unallowable. All losses are not allowable indirect (F&A) costs and must be contained in the appropriate indirect cost rate foundation for allocation of indirect costs. §200.452 Maintenance and repair costs.

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§200.453 Materials and supplies costs, including costs of processing devices. Costs incurred for materials, materials, and fabricated parts necessary to perform a Federal honor are allowable. Purchased items and materials must be billed at their actual prices, net of appropriate credits. Withdrawals from general stores or stockrooms must be charged at their real net cost under any identified method of pricing inventory withdrawals, consistently applied.

Incoming transportation charges are a proper part of materials and items costs. In the specific case of processing devices, charging as immediate costs is allowable for devices that are essential, and allocable, but not solely dedicated, to the performance of the Federal award. Where furnished or federally-donated materials are found in performing the Government award, such materials will be utilized without charge.

§200.454 Memberships, subscriptions, and professional activity costs. Costs of the non-Federal entity’s membership in business, technical, and professional organizations are allowable. Costs of the non-Federal entity’s subscriptions to business, professional, and technical periodicals are allowable. Costs of regular membership in any country membership or cultural or dining golf club or business are unallowable. Costs of membership in organizations whose primary purpose is lobbying are unallowable. See also §200.450 Lobbying. §200.456 Participant support costs.

Participant support costs as described in §200.75 Participant support costs are allowable with the prior acceptance of the Federal awarding agency. §200.457 Plant and security costs. Necessary and sensible expenditures incurred for the security and safety of facilities, staff, and work products are allowable. Such costs include but are not limited to, uniforms and income of employees involved in security activities; equipment; barriers; protective (non-military) equipment, devices, and equipment; contractual security services;, and consultants.