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Insurance will not let you buy in if you’re supporting a person who is impaired. You are employing an obscure case to state a general guideline isn’t true. Yr olds are not assisting a impaired person Most 18. As well as your parent has to opt to cover you. I know plenty of individuals who’s parents didn’t put them on their insurance due to the fact it was more expensive to pay the family plan than pay for themselves.

That would make that person a horrible parent. I’m sure that does happen, but again I doubt it’s that common. And LOTS of individuals have handicapped parents. Are we talking about how exactly it’s described on employment application? As in ADHD is a disability, or are we speaking a real disability like paralysis that stops folks from working? I don’t believe that many people have disabilities that prevent them from working and even less are parents.

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At this point, I’m done arguing about dumb corner cases that hardly connect with anyone. Or they have parents who refuse to help pay for college or co-sign for any loans. That is clearly a tough situation, but there are ways to get student loans without a cosigner. Obviously, the rates of interest won’t be pretty, but there are options out there. Also, you can not apply for aid without their fees. It doesn’t matter if you’re their dependent or not.

You need to have their taxes to file the Fafsa. It says 3rd party students don’t need their parents taxes right on the website. Also, zero schools in state were willing to give me any form of school funding. Even the community university I attended did not give me a scholarship at all. That’s you. I have no idea what the application appeared as if.

It depends on a lot of factors. You could have a good GPA, but maybe your course plan was too easy. Maybe you didn’t do enough extracurriculars, maybe you applied to the wrong schools, maybe you were aiming a little too high. Either way, that doesn’t invalidate my point. I know lots of people who got purely academic scholarships to schools. It happens often. You could have requested pell grants or other aid.

This theory also doesn’t actually work because if everyone got a 4.0 gpa, that doesn’t imply everyone would get a scholarship. Things are very competitive. Things are competitive Yes, however, not everyone gets a 4.0. Most people aren’t that smart or motivated so it can be carried out by anyone. If someone wants to go to university really, they can get good levels and good standardized test scores. If they aren’t motivated enough to do that, maybe they must not be going to university.