April 2019 / Accounting-Management

April 2019 / Accounting-Management 1

As both companies are maintained by the same group, therefore competition between them is removed. Both companies are maintained their account separately, the profitability and budget of each company is known separately. Both the companies maintain their separate identity and therefore they maintain their goodwill separately. The individuals controlling the holding company need investment as comparatively small amount in order to regulate the subsidiaries. Both companies individually are maintained their identification. If a holding company holds different subsidiary companies, each which performs functions at the various stages of production, the companies, all together, will not have to depend upon other companies in their activities from procurement of raw materials.

CA17-2 (Equity Securities) Lexington Co. on Dec 31 has the pursuing securities excellent, 2017 (its first season of operations). 8,800 being recorded as a “Gain on Sale of Investments.on December 31 ” The market price of the stock, 2018, was Greenspan Corp. What justification is there for valuing equity securities at reasonable value and confirming the unrealized gain or loss as part of net income? How should Lexington Co. at December 31 survey this information in its financial statements, 2017?

  • UK tax resident (dual resident companies aren’t allowed)
  • Investment in NPS (National Pension Scheme)
  • Cost of collecting rent (for local rental properties)
  • Dr. Russell Read, CFA, Founder and CEO for C Change Investments
  • Peer to Peer (p2p) Lending
  • Find the web price of some type of computer that lists for $660 if a discount rate of 10% is offered
  • 5 years back from London, England
  • Effective taxes rate > 30%, the 75th percentile for all of us companies

Explain. take into account the sale of the Summerset Company stock properly? Are any additional entries necessary for Lexington Co there. december 31 at, 2018, to reveal the known facts on the financial statements relative to generally accepted accounting concepts? Shown are three unrelated situations including equity securities below. Situation 1: A debt security, whose fair value happens to be less than cost, is classified as available-for-sale but is to be reclassified as trading. Situation 2: A noncurrent held-to-maturity portfolio with an aggregate reasonable value in excess of cost includes a definite personal debt security whose fair value has dropped to significantly less than one-half of the original cost. The decrease in value is known as to be long lasting.

What is the effect upon holding value and cash flow for every of the situations above? CA17-4 (Investment Accounted at under the Equity Method) On July 1, 2018, Fontaine Company purchased for cash 40% of the excellent common stock of Knoblett Company. A Dec 31 yearend Both Fontaine Company and Knoblett Company have.

Knoblett Company, whose common stock is positively traded in the over-the-counter market, the entire year to Fontaine Company and also paid cash dividends on November 15 reported its total net income for, 2018, to Fontaine Company and its other stockholders. Dec 31 How should Fontaine Company report the above mentioned facts in its, 2018, balance sheet and its own income declaration for the year then ended? Discuss the explanation for your answer.

On July 1, 2017, Selig Company purchased for cash 30% of the outstanding common stock of Spoor Corporation. A December 31 year-end Both Selig and Spoor have. Spoor Corporation, whose common stock is actively traded on the NASDAQ exchange, paid a cash dividend on November 15, 2017, to Selig Company and its own other stockholders.