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Do I resent them or mistake them for this? If it suits them and they like it, good for them. It’s not my thing. There are numerous Muslim women across the world who usually do not cover their hair and don’t wear a black abaya. So definitely, this is a social issue here. But the problem for me personally lies in the fact that ALL the reason why I’ve have you been given for WHY women have to dress like this here ARE spiritual! If you ask me, this comes to man’s interpretations on imposing THEIR personal values on women down.

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I have asked my husband many times to show me any passages where Allah has instructed that ladies specifically must cover their hair and throat or decorate just like a nun, and he has yet showing me anything. I think that all religions here on the planet are handmade which is the main of my issues with religions.

Since religions are created by man, as a woman I have a problem especially with those teachings in religions that appear to be directed and then women and are not applied similarly to men. For instance in Islam, how women should dress, how women should take action (decreasing our gaze, not allowing other men to listen to our voices), and that men are allowed four wives, etc. I find these spiritual guidelines unfair to women.

I am not placing anyone down for thinking whole-heartedly in these values. I don’t buy involved with it myself just. Honestly I wouldn’t have trouble with it if these rules were applied equally to men. All my life before we moved here I used to be fine without shielding my locks from men – over 50 years – and I don’t recall having any problems from men because of my locks. So I asked hubby why he didn’t make a concern out of me not covering my locks for the 30 years we spent jointly in the states?

His answer was that he was ridiculous then! If it’s because he didn’t want other men viewing my “beauty,” I possibly could better understand that easily were still youthful, cuter, and leaner. But the truth is, I just don’t FEEL as attractive as I once do – let’s face it – I’m pressing 60! Covering now at this point in my own life once I didn’t once I WAS cute blows that “beauty theory” out the window as far as I’m concerned. It creates no sense if you ask me.

You’ll be pleased if you go through the links below to look at some other really interesting content about Islamic women’s dress which have cropped up lately by a few of my favorite fellow bloggers. There are also some amazing photos, interesting history, and great comments too. Oh, and FYI, Adam and I visited the dinner party WITH my hubby, and I wore the hijab the complete time. The other two women didn’t cover their hair. My husband and I set our distinctions and we all had a lovely time aside. The food was fantastic and our new friends were delightful. But down inside deep, I was not happy about needing to wear the hijab!

Square faces may also be brief and wide. Your goal is to soften the sharpened angles of the jaw range and squared-off brow and extend your face. Hair slashes that highlight your cheekbones at mid-line of the facial skin are flattering. Avoid bangs cut across which broaden the facial skin and add even more angles directly. Wispy bangs that taper on the sides or waves at the temple will soften the square form of your face. Wear hair arriving forward onto the face to reduce the perspectives and parted privately.

A natural skin care treatment for that person or body can mean a multitude of things. Because the definition of natural would mean that the product comes from a natural source as opposed to a synthetically produced one, the product would have to be natural then. If the products are natural and they are not created by machines or subjected to any specific process to refine them in any way, the merchandise would natural as well as organic then.

To offer you a good exemplary case of a skin problem that can be handled with all natural ingredients is acne. The natural skin care treatment for it would be honey. It includes anti-microbial real estate agents that eliminate off the bacteria that cause an acne breakout. Not only will it leave your skin soft without sketching out any water, it also absorbs the pollutants that are situated beneath the epidermis and in the pores by drawing it out of the skin and into the honey.