Beauty Pageants Should Be Abolished

Beauty Pageants Should Be Abolished 1

They say beauty is how you feel inside, and it shows in your eyes. It is not something physical yet beauty pageants have become a billion-dollar industry. It everywhere is, in radios, TVs, web, and in the streets. In fact, people nowadays, spend money just to join beauty pageants that is why they value their appearance too much.

They have spent time and their hard-earned money just for fashion, cosmetics, hair styling, and even plastic surgery. In addition, it claims that this quest for physical beauty even encourages some women to diet to the point of harming themselves. It isn’t a healthy competition, it only stimulates capitalism. I wager you’ve seen a lot of commercials done by these women. Most beauty queens, despite being considered as role models, often serve their reigns saddled with scandals and controversies.

Beauty queens who willingly moves with the “trade” of the contests, often seen with the organizers or the judges before the event and those who after winning sometimes appear on the internet without their clothes off. They claim that they just want to contribute tranquility in this world. When not all could take part in such events and there is a clear downloading of other participants. After earning what would then happen? Nothing. Why do they have titles such as “Miss World”, “Miss international”, and “Miss Universe”? They clearly don’t even donate to the international community any big help.

They just show off their million buck beauty to let them be respected. Out of 196 countries in the global world, only 89 participants have joined on your behalf of their respective countries in the lately concluded Miss Universe beauty pageant. In the history of Miss World had all countries participated Never. Because of some reasons like lack of funds, no sponsorships, lack of accompanying delegations, racism, plus some political reasons, a number of countries do not have the opportunity to participate. Statistics prove that a lot of countries from the center of East like Lebanon did not join the 2011 Miss Universe beauty pageant because of the ongoing war.

It shows that only a few of these many countries can join these pageants thus, only those countries founded and known in the industry and those influential. People don’t know that pageants are also ways of discouraging their people especially the children in following their country’s native tradition. An example of the is the individuals in Arab countries. Pageants may give a country different ways to be uncovered not only by their natives but also by foreigners or what we call tourists. But despite these attractions are devastation of themselves and their youth’s understanding of their culture, a real way of racism and revealing. It doesn’t really help much and it generally does not really contribute much as what it suppose to state, it is the winner who benefits the fame and glory.

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