Is Anyone Really That Gullible?

Is Anyone Really That Gullible? 1

In December 2014 a shocking Church of England funded report into the exponential growth in meals financial institution dependency was revealed. In this text I’m going to contemplate the report and its findings, look at the ludicrous preliminary responses from the Tory social gathering after which examine Iain Duncan Smith’s claims that he will supply a “positive response” to the findings. As is often the case, the overwhelming majority of the mainstream media coverage has failed to incorporate an actual hyperlink to the report so that individuals can learn it for themselves.

I think it is essential that people do have the option of viewing the documents for themselves, so here is a link. The report concluded that a number of factors have contributed to the dramatic rise in meals financial institution dependency. At first the Tories attempted to spin their method out of admitting there was even an issue.

The elected Tory peer John Nash tried to deflect criticism by saying that food financial institution utilization “went up 10 occasions under the previous government” a glance at the precise figures reveals how misleading this explicit statistical soundbyte is. Food Bank utilization increased from 2,814 in 2005-06 to 40,898 in 2009-10, a total enhance of 38,000 people per 12 months using food banks.

Under the Tory led authorities it has soared to 913,138 folks per 12 months – a rise of 872,240 folks. Then, the elected Tory peer Anne Jenkin waded in trying to distract attention away from the findings of the report with a ludicrous assertion that poor individuals use meals banks “because they do not know the way to cook”. If this has been actually the rationale for the exponential development in food bank dependency, it could mean that hundreds of thousands of individuals should have simply forgotten the way to cook since 2010! We solely have to look again to December 2013 to see the actual perspective of Iain Duncan Smith and the Tories. Is anybody actually that gullible?

A look at some of Iain Duncan Smith’s other comments concerning the Feeding Britain report illustrate the fact that he’s sticking to the identical tactic of snide, sneering dishonesty. Not bought a leg to face on? What this straw-man argument exhibits is that Iain Duncan Smith continues to be insistent on utilizing fallacious debating tactics to make his own incredibly weak debating place look stronger.

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We shouldn’t be shocked that a man with such an appalling track document of dishonesty would use the tactic of constructing up a rubbish argument after which demolishing it with a view to make his personal determined position look better. What we ought to be shocked by is the truth that, as all the time, the mainstream media are totally unwilling to carry him to account for utilizing these appallingly sly debating ways. Rigging the headline fee of unemployment is one among Iain Duncan Smith’s fundamental targets as head of the DWP. The way that is achieved is by forcing unemployed people onto unpaid obligatory labor schemes like “Help to Work”.

Even though the a whole bunch of hundreds of people pressured on these schemes don’t have any wages, they usually’re nonetheless claiming unemployment benefits, they aren’t included within the official unemployment statistics. If folks refuse to go on the schemes, they are stripped of their unemployment benefits, meaning that they too are not classed as unemployed on the official statistics (unless they carry on signing on to receive no cash). Another way in which Iain Duncan Smith’s division has tried to artificially reduce the headline unemployment fee is through sanctions league tables.

Sanctions league tables and targets do exist, a tradition of tricking folks into committing actionable offenses has been inspired throughout the DWP and hundreds of thousands of individuals have been confronted with the “unpaid labor or destitution via sanctions” dilemma. For my part Iain Duncan Smith is essentially the most dishonest and vindictive cabinet member in essentially the most dishonest and vindictive government in dwelling reminiscence. He’s confirmed his dishonesty and his malice towards those he considers to be beneath him on countless occasions.