Anarbaeva, Samara Mamatovna

Anarbaeva, Samara Mamatovna 1

This study examines women’s performance of gender, ethnicity, and competition in a “How-to & Style” YouTube community. Studying visual areas like YouTube helps us understand culturally constituted discourses as well as meaning-making practices of everyday life. Today, users actively participate and create content online, such as weblogs and YouTube videos.

Through textual and visual analysis, I analyze a particular community of women who take part in the Beauty tips section under “How-to & Style” category on YouTube. I take a look at these women’s YouTube information, videos, and comments from their subscribers in order to disclose a deeper sense of what meaning users derive through creating videos on YouTube.

I ask the next question: How do ladies in the YouTube Beauty community perform their identity (gender, ethnicity, and race) and ‘difference’ in their videos? To be able to textually and visually evaluate YouTube, I take a look at YouTube videos produced by a residential area of regular women. After analyzing the videos and the dialogues, three themes have emerged in this project: a sense of belonging and connectedness, identity performance at the interface, and globalized fashion cultures.

Underrepresented women go to YouTube to relate to others who are like them, which gives them a sense of belonging and connects them to millions of others who are craving the same connection. Through video sites, these women perform their gender, race, and ethnicity. Finally, through creating fashion and makeup tutorials according to their different facial features and differences, I see the formation of the globalized fashion culture.

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