The pursuing section discusses the capital city, how great it is, how far it extends, and how safe the folks who live feel there. However, a portion of it is incomplete because this used to be always a swampy area. Moreover, in that certain area, bad guys there to live, so it’s not a safe location. Heian-kyou was a city that, although there were lots of programs before, and during, it’s building phase, those plans withered away. It was originally a diverse place full of brilliance. A nice spot to keep a watchful eye on, such as a person watching a very interesting board game.

The city of Kyoto was a logical move to turn into a capital which used a hill basin to its benefit. This accepted place was fantastic. When a person entered the populous city of Heian-kyou the construction and design were similar to that of a fish. At the very end from it, the populous city would taper off into the tail end, similar to the back fin.

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From there the metropolis region expanded awards from both edges. The program was that it was to be built the following. You would enter through a magnificent red gate. There you’ll visit a long, small main street which expanded into the capital city down. The capital city was divided into two.

In Ukyou, there have been been weeping willow trees which were along the edges of the road and were only along the primary street. In Sakyou, there were special temples called ‘Nishidera’. All of them are about feeling satisfaction about the pledge the individuals to keep and this was a particular place for the appearance of high-positioning people. Basically, if you were one of the commendable people or were rich really, this was going to be your first stop.

Meanwhile, the administration section, called Setoki, is located in the guts of the primary street. Lots of individuals live in the capital city, including aristocrats. There’s also a residential road on the north part. That’s in the back, across from the four way main road. However, all this beauty is a little bit deceiving with its symmetrical beauty. There are a great number of moist, swampy places in Ukyou.

This is why the completion of the town couldn’t be finished and just why it was still left abandoned. Another disadvantage of the untouched area is these sections of wet land are extremely dangerous, which air of danger around hangs, despite every one of the wealth that was round the people.